Deconstructed Cocktails: The Photographic Work Of Greg Knott

On a great Sunday morning stroll through Old Town Alexandria in Virginia, my friend and I walked through the Torpedo Factory, an artist collaboration venue, on the boardwalk.

Just as we were heading out, a couple of pictures caught my eye… A series of three photographs hung from his store front: 

-A glass of milk & a package of Oreos. 


-A rock, a piece of paper & a pair of scissors.WEBBigRed

 And lastly

-A bottle of Bordeaux white wine & a wedge of cheese.Wine&Chesse1

Like a child, I rushed my friend into the shop and found a few more pictures just as entertaining to visually break down.

Two of which were deconstructed cocktails.

The first:

An iced filled rocks glass with a can of Diet Coke and a bottle of Jack Daniels at its side.WEBJackdiet

The second: 

Two olives in a martini glass, a bottle of Grey Goose and a bottle of Martini & Rossi dry vermouth.MartiniVa

The artist behind the photography, Greg Knott.

The concept for the series started with playful images. One of which was…

two tiny plastic ducks followed by a goose.


The first piece of the deconstructed cocktail style was created while he was in Miami, exhibiting his work at several art shows.

A gentleman asked him to create the Glass, Coke and Jack Daniels piece.

His friends were so impressed, they had similar pieces commissioned.

For Greg, the idea was launched.

“Once you get started with a series like this, it’s like a path down a rabbit hole…an endless source of creativity.”

The joy he gets out people seeing his work is when they realize that “the whole is stronger then the parts”.

It’s also, simply put, FUN.

Greg displays some of his work at a local restaurant, which has been a great venue for this type of art work.  He is planning on exhibiting his works at other restaurants and bars around the Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland areas.

Greg said “sometimes I imagine the people who have my work, looking at the drink in their hand, look up and see the same on the wall.”

He loves creating these pieces and if you bring the alcohol he’ll create the series.

You can see more of his work at